jeudi 10 février 2011

faerie queene fragments of a sacra conversazione

While my balls swallow cheese

and I ask the waiter about the beeing

as I read a calligram of Georges Braque reputed to be real

Am I going to pass through lots of love faster than sound ?


The Great Fart of Cosmic Lamb

is a tiny sound the night we where around coffee and Bordeaux

as I stood up to make Juline have a look on my Montero

there was the Great Fart of Cosmic Lamb

not to be mistaken with christian one, surely


Authentic autism outist

this is my spanglish elisabethian brand

as I see truth bleed piss and vomish pure beauty

I feel the shiver of a stupid tear dividing

my ape chest of fallen poet in cinder

and inner breath of pickpocket books


love is all

peanuts and new shoes

sensations of a goddess phone

the entire nebula of crazy numbers

deep water losen voice is there

in that sex and no ear

canned stand can bear


let’s fart together

friends and lovers do from the birth of night

I want you to smell my kind of Sunderland religion

somewhat splashed, I do not spare

my tongue nor my gentle noise


la boudeuse

pour rien au monde je voudrais qu’elle...

sensitivity of my guitar sacrifice is inner bullfighting

and I have a flower in real yesterday life

today I am in pain of deadly doubts of a real body of mine

thaate wants not and do want to belong as my books

could once be given to girls the other way I mean I suffer

this is not easy to speak chinese in french as a way of suicide by the Logos (you dig, Arthur-Louis ?)


So the swan so I am

lover of garbage on the water

clumsy hero of childhood and silly thing on postcards

everyone say bye as I come in

on the table

may the swan be a man

because this woman sinking cry calls for a muscle swimmer


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gomuka a dit…

Pues, para ser de la rama isabelina, tu spanglish no está nada mal, MM. Volvemos a las andadas...