lundi 3 janvier 2011

Booke upstaireth

Fair upstaires wrote a booke on men

beeing by fairie mostly the glance and the cruelty of angels

thine hand you maketh a tragic poem from thy female body

and subsequently the dramatic was

putting to death of the gigolo

la mise à mort du gigolo

strong theriacque to menly poison

those adhesive insights thaate killeth

those snakes and lions thaate haveth cutting edges

to bleed out the existence of women

(non à) la mise à mort de la femme

sublimation of monsters in the mother's soul

Those were occupations highest than deep water of time

those were the crafts of the bird, the sound

of a life's whispered state of controlled explosion

some of thaate poem of hers on my raptured

music blood of moving grounds wish to be italian

likely I thinketh on some stranger colors in faire rule

and I readeth eache eye of a dream

Juneth spread maids of a dark feather from myth

necessary to fate

set on a book is eache of mineth pulses.


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