jeudi 7 octobre 2010

The Rape of Europe



Taking aknowledge on me I surprised the beast, the lion

having abandoned

having abandoned the steel of the cruisade

devoting to solitude and its temptations

I found my feet bare on golden grass

walking in a hugh to my fairy castle, at night

and paying some silence to the abandoned castle of Europe Fair

only the daily veil of darkness was set at the tears of crystal rain that gave the castle to my sight

deep in the memory I discovered the inside of her castle

brown leaves remained the only solid surface on the side

as in tears of dust incinerated

and once in my castle I asked Satan

this tumultuous spectator of our acts

if I once have kissed the boots of Europe

my childy heart answered in the name of my entire body :

"you have kissed the right and left of her smile, this is sufficient"

this is because I was a lion, a beast

or have I more than one knowledge on me


misery of fingerprints on a mirror

literature is less than smoke to my silent face

flesh helmet of words to attack thee

I pray as my eye bleed about some roses of decay

there is a gift thrown against grey sounding ocean

there is my bride jewel stolen by luxury

offered to fate, to wisdom keendome, to an open hand

but no fate, no wisdom, no hand I find in my prayer

but my thief injured gesture of death

wishing to say something

as a light brown bull darkened by blood


by luxury of a killing jewel spell

by misery of disproportion and of sound

the sword

some wisdom acute metal concealed to him

by queens and ocean of grey

by worms and dragons of decay

love was certain

these days

so Zeus


Giordano burning in painly proud

had just begun to finish and started

jalousy makes a beautiful jail

of grape black worlds


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Manuel Montero a dit…

Outsider kitsch in English (in the manner of some Edmund Spenser)