mardi 10 novembre 2009

Total void


Total void is in the center of the art of existence
This tiny appearence of beauty
you're intercepting in me
is rising from the scene I have prepared to total void,
the actress takes place in your life
to speak of Boddhistavas in the confusion of your passed life
don't you recognice beauty has been waiting for you
in the street ?

Now my voice is singing silence like tears of human milk
some unthinkable privilege coming from the stars
some bread and wine flesh
just clumsy words of a stranger meaning enlightening
This means when you listen a sort of mistaken existence in you
this means if you leave your problems go off
the delightfull nothingless of beauty will pour on you
Let me devour you as you are my sugar

you are going mad, you were no gentelman
You were just a punk disguissed into bussinessman of nothing
now you know it was nothing your proud
you are going mad, the right hand raise you back to the ashtray
you belong to cender, there are so many as you

Total void is the instruction of love
when lovers loose chastity in a spasm
this happens in the promised land of my eyes
when you say "she" it's always me for weeks

explanation of art

those shades over the sculpture of reason

the snake of wisdom bitting the feet of Virgin Mary
we are and have been sinners of image
we are the servants of idols made by our bodies
till we discover their church is wide
devoted to solitude of absent lovers
Because of this it is that art is explained in total void
even if only you discover my siren legs
crowned underneeth by leather

I possess by the link of inspiration
the total owning of poetry

all over the theater of the blue planet
I will say your words put into a page of paper
don't you think beauty have good reasons
to walk in the street, to do this things ?
Raining atmosphere of the art of existence
only to speak of me on the sofa

Thank you

2 commentaires:

me a dit…

The first verses are engaging and then, you lost me... or I lost you.

Manuel Montero a dit…

Bueno, me, retrabajo poco a poco; acabo de quitar un verso que pesaba demasiado, y seguiré dandole vueltas. Gracias por el intento...