mercredi 18 novembre 2009

faerie folies

myth of silk

A King of spirits knew a mortal in Filipines and earned the misery of loving by its only prestige on seweing and embroiding a veil given to his nights. The crowned head loved delicate objects, and used to caress existence with soft hand. Full of desire the god was washed cold by despise in discovering the wrong sex. So called to him the musicians and inspirers set on the stars, and skill from the mortals and applied to worke by a ravishing veil to mist over the imparfection of human.

In reading these male loves the countess
the fairie countess healed the frozen spirits of her court
ambassadors came every sunrise and each time she was in sorrow
to transmit the compliments of all counts and princes
and happened that theater in Manila
in order to charm the tongue
asked for her presence and teachings
promising the circunstance of fair.

A very important fair that ruled Manila gypsies
by her beauty and wisdom, seemingly, because we are not told
of punishment or curse, we are told of travelling painters and poetry,
Estrella was called, received fair Elvira in a mood of pain and fever
troubled dreams had too hard enivrate her inteligence
and wisdom had no hands to offer its natural gifts.

By providence of faerie queene this was the occassion renewed to fair Elvira
to realize compassion and self-giving in the green golden and silver paradise.

Coming from the chamber of illness a fishape dragon
declared to be possesor of the sweetness and blood of fair Estrella
and there were fight between the spirit and dust
which fair Elvira prepared late in the air by oxidating her arrow

They did not know a knight was spying curious the beginning of fight
and prepared a human sword to take part
in the distance
and in silence of peaceful music

4 commentaires:

Elvi54 a dit…

Qué bonita imagen del polvo creado por fair Elvira por medio de la oxidación de una flecha. ¿De dónde sacas esa inspiración MM? Y el inglés suena en tus dedos como lengua antigua y ennoblecida, frente a la bastardez de un idioma maltratado desde que muriera Shakespeare. Bravo MM. Gracias por el poema.

Elvi54 a dit…

"to suffer the slings and arrows of outreageaus fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles"

Elvi54 a dit…

¿Qué tal por París? El tiempo, el color el perfume de otoño...

Manuel Montero a dit…

El which va referido a fight y no a dust, pero se plantea como lectura abierta, es interesante. En Paris hoy hace solecito de otono.