samedi 21 novembre 2009



I can make one phone call
to the King of spirits in deep night
he will open all the palaces in the island of fair Isis
if he minds as he does.

There is no crowd to listen
but a single king in the body of an angel
trembling because of the knowledge
alone, alone
he watches TV as an ancient river
to make him purified,
he is the king of spirits
on the theater of interior bullfighting
he speaks from deep night to me.

Me, Myself And I
from Billy Hollyday to the hard rock of L7
are all females.
Vamps in Russ Meyer movies
turn to intelligent slaves when you are intoxicated
so the period of fairie queene makes you poet.
It's tough that girl-friends and moon could
inspire a song of destruction,
where rules of music are distorted by queer.

I have seen the bleeding heads
on the neck-lace of a dark skinned
goddess, and fair on it,
like If I was in permanent war with the top of mankind.

As if she was the other one in my life
the black goddess was in accordance
to my wills of prince and poet.

Me, Myself and I
are all females,
so one of them is fair Death
and this is impossible to know which one
is going to deliver you from the two others.
I was killed on a rock and roll concert in 1992
since I am a spirit and a soul
without body,
only a neck-lace of bleeding heads.

Who are you this night ?
I am the same.
So tachycardia is the life
of ageing spirits,
killed many years ago.
Is soul going to call spirit ?
Just dial on the medecin door of each planet
the code, the number
of fair and wonder,
spirit will come down on you
to closer Death allow to drive you here and now.

You, my soul, are a princess, a fair,
you are called Eve because you are a portion
of the father.
You don't want emptyness, and you dance to feel
of better spirits, of voices of children on your ear, your fair ear.
Now I wait the morning and the end of night
whispering cigarettes to my soul fair Eve
because of the light magic on domestic fire.
I think on people I know on the book of illusion.


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