dimanche 17 juillet 2011

Nigra Fair (Fortunate Mortal)

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Fortunate mortals / "Nigra Faire" texte: Manuel Montero. production auddie. voix Tim O'Laughlin'


Nigra Fair was followed by a number of Gods, fortunate mortal

as Faire are to be in head of godship as we call godhead.

Black gods were devoted to humanness and to labour and the metal

of first creators First Nigra Fair inside were on the hollows of head.

Gods were booden swords of fight against spirit, or illness or madness

of men intruded to adult mankind and of fight against the rapture of children by fate.

You muste be intruded to which they ate

and to sensual sadness

of ancestral birds dialogue and its fairie signification.

Hate was a delicious drunkenness to give to oneself

such they were made in manner of style of each nation

Stronger than one sole nation was Nigra Fair

and she employed herself to various matters and prayers.

Witchcraft occupated her in a non-stop war.

She was known by sorcerers as a betrayer

kind of beberage, as a charm over the charm,

and therefore they smiled of their defeat.

Eating lions was in her sound !


The African diaspora or this first Nigra rapture by white devil

left a falling swing of kind and wise in her,

but stronger than one sole nation she could move earth

and times become faster and the Abraxas of voice expanding

power and unavoid the dance and the hunting of pleasure.


The knight was told by latin books that this Fair

was far in the horizon womb of death and birth

and must be known firstly as magic companion

and be respected. Mental image was useless

onions of paperback and the kings of any pleasure.

The knight sang a fair calling on the mountain road

and founded a castle on a fishing net and a moon

reflected by dust, and some superstitions on sacred,

as he knew in flesh a goddess and was told

the music of repeated O and the coloured dawn of an opium flower

He and She equally artists, black and white fotos

united them both in the kiss of the unique moment

and of scissors of witchcraft in order of composition.

Insistence on a work made heavy colors and distortion

of pelvis in the search of union with eye of sex.

The stranger fair appears in the land of tired

so is said by prophecy and my tips percussion so anounce.

The beberage of slavery is not expensive to forget

and is like a greek voluta or a vicious fight in bed.


Revolution of planets onto a lot of stercoris

persistence of life in a living town

milk of snow terror lust

conversion onto foolish apocalyptical

accomplished by war sphere strenght to betray

unsayeble glances of fortune statues

my dream evening coffee sky and cold fire of she-planet


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