samedi 2 avril 2011

the beggar

mujer, mug, tejado, bosque, Alhambra, cielo

"poudreux" pastel on paper

Kissing and speaking simplicity of annoying truth

this is all a beggar should make to amuse her princess

because deep brown at the doom of grey is gold and diamond

even a pearl got from the stink of sea makes not smooth

the soothe-less almond of female cleverness better than a kiss

and some dubious stolen words of a farewell

Princess writtings are a burning hell of pink disease

the pencil and rubber of her running page

is to have a think on evil of the first age of bliss

the silence of a Miss and the noise of pissing women trigger

a shiver of memory on beggar's wealth.

Father king's poems were pretentious

never a ruler can subtlety compose aside than law

thinks the crowned bride delivered to wonder and disgust.

So is the tiger and the virgin of knowledge reserved

to less than a few, to thirty passions of a thirsty self

falling in a cross and crossing a never-ending jewell in the fall,

so is the tiger, a paw by soul, and the owle of dreame-less boobs never-seen.

And the cubes and howls of fever do the same a virgin does seem

in the dark beeing to do covered by silver tears, egyptian water on a rose,

sorrow of a male in prank-bank and thank of no sex dose.


2 commentaires:

Marie-Agnès Michel a dit…

Trente passions d'un soi assoiffé
dont la première jamais
n'est semblable
ni la seconde
ni la trentième
qu'on soit tigre ou mendiant
vierge ou père de roi
Trente passions et le chant des mendiants
et le son des femmes qui pissent.

Arthur-Louis Cingualte a dit…

pissent jaune l'or au sol

comme des Danaé à l'envers

à Atlas riche et assoifé