vendredi 3 août 2018

2 essais isolés de danse néopauvre

too tired aftermath all the net
a vamp convocation & dances of war
a second try does on angel light
the root comes from you, the bitter root
in the restaurant, the blonde, the thin
or the black goddess once

the cooker said I'd been too impressed
by stories of women in Syrian Revolution
he said to the restaureant that was that what made me sick
too much blood 300 km/h on my nodes
just because I felt, I was in the mood
my aunt, my aunt said
" Now I make it for you and you make it for me "
it was eating, ingurgitating some fresh food once more
we had both begun not to eat, simply not to walk out
keep solitary in a revolted prayer
but dance, dance is the deep source

references : Antonio Gades, Martha Graham, Jane Fonda, Rita Renoir

et les savoureux enseignements de Juliette Bagouet et, avant, Lía Guerrero