mardi 4 décembre 2012

poem of a beach cooled by Love

Waves came before and sound remains

What kind of foam does murmur around ?

Which hands ? Whom love and percussive glance in the Fall ?

Two ladies where mixed in my tongue. The first

Water and Gold, the second is a secret drogue

And the spirit of colors, Chinese White repeated,

S. Red, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, and words.

Waves are drinking goat's and frog's and dog's tears

Delicious kiss, grapes and cheese, porcelaine appearing and fade.

listeng the bells of a red telephone
time awhile a writing and a sketching of bodies
in the brain dome by a mountain twaine and a hairy count
by a thousand feet around

as princess, as king of nowhere suck the bottle
be smoked, let be smoked the skin fruit
of a surrealistic woman as you
the answering waves i drink as i breath
and next to this the flush on the stone
the wild statue of chance forever there
solitude and lonelyness two rabbit’s one to other
in a field of heat childy things fade mother
so alone cramps thy dream on her through

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