mercredi 25 janvier 2017

The original scroll

Ajoutée le 23 janv. 2017
This artist's book of recycling collage and drawing takes materials from ecclectic periods on the painters life and on books and magazines, some inscriptions are now irrelevant, only madness could give an insane sense to the final intention. The virtue of art is to let us go out of this condition of violence in relationships and establish by its giving to projections another dimension to work, image and words, this time the time of study, pleasure and reflection, open to all but not anyway and always in process. Meanwhile, as Aristoteles stablished in his book on Poetry, there is a limit that defines art, the number of minutes, the included and the excluded, which permits at the same time the clean process of catharsis and the foolish sport of criticism and procedurism

first part of the soundtrack is Final de un texto (2017) and second part is composed by Cantos, with Hurlante Nova in loop guitar and the author on performative translation into francophone chanson néopauvre of Spanish texts, first is an Upanishad, then poet Isabel Escudero, then Leopoldo Maria Panero, the famous cursed poet, and finally a part of an old latin poem by Tibulus

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